Busking! Two buckets, an apron, freedom.

I have always valued a good bucket.

Opportunity for creativity never strays far from a good bucket. I mean, when there is a bucket near by, you can rinse brushes, soak stamps, do low water immersion dyeing. And that’s not all! When I was a kid, my dad upholstered a lid that fit perfectly on a 5 gallon bucket providing us a cushioned seat to rest on while fishing. I have never lost sight of this ideal scenario and it seems, I have cottoned onto an adult opportunity to utilize and make a new padded throne!


See the mad glimmer in my eye? I just spent upwards of 25$ on a:

5 gallon bucket

2 5 gallon bucket lids

1 2 gallon bucket

and a 

Bucket Tool Organizer Extreme


And I am about to upholster my bucket lids with Melly fabrics….

So, what, you might ask, is Melly up to?

I am going to try busking, as a textile artist in NYC!

Sometimes, you get a weird idea, that just won’t let you go. And when it happens, you kinda just need to do it. So, I am.

I love public displays of art. I love doing art, embroidery, stitch work and drawing in public, so why not try printing while out and about? I mostly work solitary, staying in my studio, but, recently, I have come to thinking, “maybe there is a way to be less solitary, and to still be able to print!

I have scoped out Washington Square Park, which I think will be a good entry into doing this. I may need to ask some gal pals to come visit and help me, at least the first time. But, I am going to do it.

I have bought the items, and now I will whip up a quilted blank to upholster the bucket lid! Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.


10 thoughts on “Busking! Two buckets, an apron, freedom.

  1. This country mouse had to look up busking. LOL! I think you would be great at it. I know I’d come watch you. If I’d known you needed buckets, I would have sent you some. We have stacks. We also have these great Tidy Cat buckets that are square and have a handle. My go to buckets are old galvanized ones I’ve picked up at garage sales. They are scattered all over the yard for collecting weeds, trash, & tired flowers. I am so excited for you!!! You could have David come and play guitar or his bowls and gather a crowd. Even if they don’t buy right then, you might find some future students. Good luck! xoxo


  2. I think it’s a great idea although I’d for sure be nervous. I lovevthat quote. I do feel we have to step outside our comfort zone to grow and to have some new potentially satisfying experiences.
    I’ve often thought I’d like to go along our waterfront with my knitting and a lunch. Not quite as daring.
    I can’t wait to see how it goes!


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