sewing wherever I go.


I have been preparing myself to be able to sew wherever I go. A few years back, I began to make the Gather your Sew-plies purses, in the hope of being able to keep all essentials at the ready, in a neat and tidy package. (In case you are wondering, a pattern was published in last years Quilting Arts Holiday magazine.) Along with this, I have gathered an array of colorful embroidery thread, several hand-work projects and I even bought a protective, sturdy case for my iPad, so that I do not have to worry, too much, about it being bumped and joggled. 


In addition, I am researching the best coffee shops in New York City (with free Wifi), so that I can really experience sewing wherever I go and documenting my experience. Today, I am again at my local coffee shop, 61 Local. I bet I come here a fair amount because it is local and easy, but I also want to see and experience different parts of the city, especially as the weather improves. I love sewing in public, or public displays of sewing, as I like to think of it. Many folks sew in a privacy of their homes or studios, but for this project, I would like to think of the city as my studio.

And! I love watching tv as I sew, as long as I have access to wifi, I can watch tv too! Here I am watching The Connection, a (short term) free streaming movie, promoted by Food Matters about the mind-body connection. Watching tv in public (I wore my headphones) seems silly, though also fun. And why not? Normally, I listen to music on my headphones. Watching tv in public isn’t all that different! Odd, maybe.

Do you sew in public? Do you draw wherever you might be? How about knitting in public? If, you too, have interest in busting out of your normal space, with your everyday activities, I would love to hear about it.

9 thoughts on “sewing wherever I go.

  1. When I was commuting by bus in Helsinki, I used to read at first, but after several years I realised that I wanted to spend more time being creative and less time reading, so I plucked up my courage and started by bringing a knitting project. After that I also did embroidery on the bus and occasianally in a café. I never saw anyone else doing it, and on the bus it often meant that the seat next to me was the last one to become occupied. Finnish people tend to stay clear of any oddballs on the bus. 😉 On a train, however, I’ve never had any inhibitions when it comes to bringing knitting, sewing or drawing projects. I alwas pack a special “crafty bag” with projects that will make sure I don’t become bored – ususally about 3 times more than I actually need for the journey. 😀


    1. I too laughed aloud when I read your comment. I pack more than I can accomplish in a month at home for a week trip. Heaven forbid I run out of things to occupy my hands. I would have sat next to you. 🙂


  2. I have a “busy bag”. I bought it back in the 70’s at Jay Jacobs. I fell in love with it because i reminded me of an old carpet bag. It is large enough for a book, magazine, or sketchbook, some hand work, binoc’s if we’re going to the beach, etc. OH! The quails just arrived!!!! They must have known I was writing on your blog. I’ve been watching for them all week. 🙂 Anyway, I get very restless and uncomfortable if I don’t have something to occupy my hands. Some might even say “bitchy”. When we made an emergency trip to the west side a couple of years ago, I had nothing but some books to occupy me. I couldn’t focus to read. Carl came into Dad’s room with a bag that I thought held our lunch. No, he had gone to the quilt shop 30 miles away, explained my situation, and the ladies helped him gather all the things I would need to work on some wool embroidery – even a thimble! I have projects next to my TV watching nest, a bag that goes in the car so I am not caught unprepared again. I do sew or knit in the car or on planes or trains. The only coffee shop we have is a Starbucks and it is very crowded all the time. I usually get my coffee and head down to the river, spread out on a picnic table and just listen to the birds while I stitch. I am amazed at all you can get into your sewplies bag!


  3. So yesterday I went to see a production of Antigone — we arrived early and so I started knitting. When the house lights went down I kept going, surprised to find I did just fine in the dark. The greek Chorus guy came out and gave his speil and one of the first characters he introduced was Creon’s wife Eurydice — who spent the whole play SITTING ON STAGE KNITTING. So I kept going in solidarity with her! I love to do sewing projects on the go and ALWAYS have work with me if I am a passenger in the car.


  4. I carry a basket filled with a book, my knitting and a crossword book on trips in the car. Lately, though I very started talking a little bag with my knitting if I have time to pass while I’m out on errands. I do like to sketch outside when the weather gets good. I have one sketch in a small moleskine that I did at the top of a ski hill in Quebec.


  5. I think it’s a great idea to sew in public. Sometimes I’m tempted to take my hand sewing to social situations, but I think friends might think I’m being stand offish so I haven’t. But I do go to a sketching group in a cafe once a week and one of my friends brings sewing instead of sketching. People often stop to watch what we are working on. We get inspiration from the things going on around us and hopefully inspire those around us, too. Win, win.


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