Bandanas for purchase


This week I have been printing up a storm (this helps me keep warm and focused while the weather does its thing). I have been printing bandanas, vintage hankies and hemmed squares and blanks as well as yardage of cloth.


 Then I got it in my mind that it would be a good idea to sell the bandanas and printed squares. I floated the idea on Facebook and instagram and it seems, folks would like to have some Melly Printed Bandanas. Woot!!


I have gone ahead and purchased the blanks I need to do this and I will begin printing as soon as they arrive. Fun, right? Perhaps you might want one too! I hope to sell them for $25 or less, including shipping within the continental U.S. I will work as fast as I am able in order to keep costs to a minimum. And I will try to work with color requests. 

I am considering weather I could sell Melly printed cloth and this will be a trial run to see if it is viable and to explore weather there is interest. If you are interested, please leave a comment.


14 thoughts on “Bandanas for purchase

  1. Hello, Melly! I would certainly be interested in buying some Melly-printed cloth. I think FQs would sell well as people could buy a few and get a variety. Please do some birds!


    1. Maryann, I am interested in this. I am using the bandana print run to track time, cost, ability and to float interest. The bandanas are a similar size to fat quarters, so this will be quite helpful to me in all points.


    1. Thank you for commenting. I am interested. I have already placed the order for this job.
      As you can see folks are also interested in printed yardage. I am using the bandana printing as a trial run to see if printing in this manner is viable and if I can print fast enough to keep the purchase price acceptable and tempting. I am keeping a list of interested people, with color ideas and product suggestions. If you don’t mind, I will put you down as interested in a printed scarf. I have printed some small silk habotai bits and the dye uptake is amazing. They don’t print as crisply as cotton does, but the beauty of the print is quite evident.
      So, yes, I am interested. I can’t do this right away, but I am in exploration mode and will get back to you.


  2. Yes, please to all the above! Some Melly fabrics would be wonderful. I am growing my hair out. I went short for me, a couple of years ago and cannot stand having hair in my face. So, I will be an old woman with braids. 🙂 The bandanas are great, especially when I am outdoors. Have you tried printing on rayon scarf blanks? I found them to print a little better than silk, but not as crisp as cotton. I am going to email you with another idea. It would take to long to explain here. Have a fabulous weekend. I hope your cold is better. Carl went back to bed this morning with cold symptoms. It is that time of year. xoxoxo


  3. Yes please!! I want one very much. Any color you choose. I’m ready to write the check RIGHT NOW. Or charge card. Whatever works for you. Yay!!!


  4. Okay. It is nosey nelly Carol asking you, Melly, what does this mean for your fabric line? are you working on going out on your own? Is doing both a good thing? Is this working on new printing ideas and gathering interest to find, develop a market for a second line? Is it creative juices overflowing?
    Yay for all of the above. call me curious. 😀 . My interest would land more in the area of fat quarters or eighths right now.


    1. Is it you I heard about Spoonflower from? I like that site because I can choose any design and order it in most any quantity and nearly any fabric I want. I have not entered any of my designs in any of their challenges or to sell as yet, but as I progress it may be an option. I do love having so many designs and fabrics at my fingertips.
      Best of everything, including health of course. 😀


  5. Just catching up on your blog, Melly. I love the floral print in a more recent post, and I have your commercial fabric line (all of it!!!). Are you considering printing and selling pieces of cloth? I am really interested! I’m hoping you do! Keep us posted. 🙂


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