Introspection and Organization

DSC_0021 This little being teaches me quite a bit. Peach is very adaptable, she seems to accept what is, she does this with a strong sense of self possession. Peach knows what she likes and dislikes. Peach is learning to trust and love and become calm and confident about her surroundings. I love watching her release the traumas of being an outdoor city cat. I can say without hesitation that Peach really dislikes the sound of snow plows, trash trucks, and any of the other large metal monsters. I cannot imagine her out in the city wilds, and I am oh so glad we found each other.DSC_0022

Because Peach spent a few years on the streets, had some kittens and then came into human care and was spayed improperly, I feel, we both feel, that is David and I feel, Peach is a precious being who may not live as long as other cats with an easier start. And this too is a special point of connection for me, for us. Having been diagnosed with cancer, I now know that my time here on earth may be shortened, I am now more prone to recurrence, my morality has been shown to me and I no longer think I am invincible. Staying in the moment and cherishing my time is really the only way to live. Peach teaches me the age old lesson to Be Here Now, and to release the traumas of treatment, of daily life and to consider the tenacious beauty of this moment, no this one, no…

And she does this by unfolding slowly and with great aplomb. Peach came to us on January 4, 2013 and it took just one year for her to begin to see the value and feel able to ask, then settle into my lap for a nice warm sleep. Every small step is cherished and appreciated. I love this little being. We love this little being. Peach helps us heal and love one another. Peach is amazing. 

Watching Peach take her time helps remind me that everything takes its own time. I tend to be an all-in type person, I give my all to everything, I work fast, I have lots of ideas, I work hard, I want things when I want them. Cancer has put these attributes to the test, and I find I need to slow the churning of the wheels, I need to hold back a portion of energy, keeping some in reserve. And this is ok, good even, a welcome change.

Maybe, it is just great to have an animal, and relate to it. I love being Peach’s animal. I love watching her relate. I am learning more Peach talk, Peach words with every day.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying my studio time, I am working with a great friend to (hopefully) publish another book. My fabric line is going to be released in May, I have been working it! I know, I need to slow down and smell the roses. 

Ah, life!


Printing is interesting. When I open up a print session, I want everything to be neat, clean and tidy. I want to know where all of my tools are, I need them to be clean, I need all previous unfinished print jobs to be organized (I like to visually colate what needs green, what yellow), so that when I mix up color, I am prepared with knowledge of how many pieces might need a bit of yellow.

It takes a good half hour to prepare, clean and colate color/print needs. As soon as that is done, the fun begins. 

I love process, love organization, printing my own cloth caters to both these loves and it gives me pretties to fondle and use in quilts!! It feels good to settle into a print session! When I make things, I settle into the most quiet, enjoyable mental place. I allow myself to work, I love seeing the pretty bits of cloth pile up. It is another way to slow time down to its essential element. 

This is a piece whose process I would like to expand, streamline and improve. I have since washed it and am underwhelmed with my color retention. I think this is a great idea though, so I wonder if upping the values used to print the background scribble would do the trick. 

More to come on this idea. 

I am off to have a full day of printing. I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are. I hope that you too have some moments of reprieve, where you experience exactly what you are doing and enjoy that feeling.

8 thoughts on “Introspection and Organization

  1. What a beautiful, love-filled post! Another example of where beings come together for a reason… You, David and Peach were meant to spend time together, teaching and learning from one another, and sharing love and understanding.
    As for your print fabrics, how wonderful that 1) there might be a book about it, and 2) that you are working to produce your own line of fabric! You make my heart race with joy for you!
    BTW, I am taking part next week in a textile art study put on by NAU… they are studying the impact on how textile handcrafts affect your mood and health. I wish you could be here to take part! I’ll tell you all about it when I have finished participating.


  2. I love reading about Peaches and her slow adaptation to her new life. it must be wonderful to have her! I often think I would choose a cat if I could. (I’m allergic to most animals.)
    You certainly have tempered your days with patience and learned to slow down and enjoy.
    I really love that final print.


  3. Cats are a wonderful part of life. So glad you are enjoying every moment. I’m trying to do my best to do that too.

    I love what you are doing with the printing and look forward to seeing what you end up with in this rose piece. The background noise adds a nice texture. Great job Melly!


  4. I’m so glad you and Peach found each other. She is a precious being. I love my BeeGee so much, he is my soulmate, my partner in this life. We’re here for each other. I couldn’t live without an animal in my life. Being Here Now and learning to enjoy THIS moment is something we all need to learn, whether we’ve had cancer or not. Blessings to you always, Melly!


  5. I like your print. What caught my eye is how the rose looks like it has been laid ontop of the background. That little hint of shadow adds so much depth. Nicely done, Miss Melly! You are hitting one something I always remind myself, but accepting it is the challenge. Life is teaching us lessons. The lessons are all around us, we just sometimes are not present to learn them. So, some hit us up behind the head (like cancer) to get our attention, others (like Peach) are more subtle. Sometimes I swear I am in a remedial life class. LOL! There are always lessons to learn and usually we don’t have the aha moment until we are beyond the teaching moment. Learning to slow down, to take each moment as they appear is tough. I think you have mastered it. Like the others have said, my fur-panions teach me so much more than I would learn on my own. To lay in the sun on a cold winter day and just be is what they are telling me now. LOL! I hope your day printing was filled with fun and aha moments. xoxo


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