Dragon Lair.


Let us take a moment. Above. You see a 13″ MacBook Pro, custom. Wealth. 

I am wealthy. And wealthy beyond measure, because…

Now, I can go mobil. To my favorite coffee shop. And you know what? I need to get out! I know how to work, head down, for hours, which has the tendency to turn into days, and… I find myself in pajamas for days on end. I love my pjs, don’t get me wrong, but. You get what I am saying.

David and I bought new computers this year. I am moving in! And moving on! Literally. Yahoo!

Watch out!

So anyway, my new Mac Book Pro 13″needed a tight fitting, Melly Made case!


I am on a mission to learn to use the cloth I am printing. I have criteria, or maybe I should say, I am forming opinions, on how I want to use my cloth. I am focused on motif, color, ease of creation. I like to think about using my cloth with ingenuity and sometimes, striking differences in color and texture. I want the cloth to be the focus and not the quilt block design. Motif as communication device. Motif as story telling. 

So I made this MacBook Pro 13″ carry case! I am quilt savvy that way! You see, we already owned a zippered, padded case for David’s old 13″ MacBook, but they keep making these dang things smaller and smaller, so my new computer needed padding to kit out the zippered case. I made this as tight fitting as I was able. I actually like it better than the zippered case, but computers need packaging when in transit, and a snug fitting transit is better than loose. And now, I have a creative case using my own printed fabrics. Tada! I like being able to make do.

Now, I can easily travel, update my blog, write (hopefully) my next book and I do not need to be plugged into my desk and tiny apartment. I can get out. 

Oh and? The dangly eyeglass necklace? Do any of you wear and/or make these??? And if so, do you have a favorite finding to attach the glasses to the necklace? Please leave a link in the comments! I am interested in your opinions on this. I am going into the fashion district on Monday…

Findings Field Trip!


2 thoughts on “Dragon Lair.

  1. First: I use these for my lanyards for glasses. I think they are probably carried at most bead shops. –
    I love that there are coffee cups on your case to take to the coffee shop! LOL! I do like what you have created. It is so much more personal than the zippered cases. I have looked at them and walked away. I use bubble wrap inside my back pack. Tacky!!! 🙂
    You are really going to enjoy the freedom of being mobile. I like being able to take the laptop outside. I can listen to TED as I sew under the trees or watch videos. I tend to fall behind once the weather gets good because who wants to be inside after a long winter.
    Looking forward to the retail cloth AND a new book!!!!!!!


  2. When I made beaded eyeglass straps to sell, originally I used the ones on the page Jeannie linked to, the ones at the bottom with the ribbed ball. I’d stay away from those — they look cool, but the elastic thingy stretches out pretty easily. The ones at the top of the page work better IMO, although they, too, stretch. I’ve finally resorted to putting tiny rubber bands on my glass frames to keep the glasses-keeper from slipping off!!
    p.s. LOVE that Mac book case, and your fabrics!


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