love in a cup

I have so many things I would like to talk about. 

Peach, for instance. 

Peach will have been with us for one full year on January 4. Peach is a wonder and a joy. She has a great and varied personality. She controls her person with grace and focus. Peach had a life on the streets prior to wrapping her magical powers around our hearts, which means she was an established being prior to meeting us. It has been such a fun journey learning her quirks, needs and love.

This little eight pound heavy weight loves her lovins’ her way; light, feathery-light strokes. Sometimes under the chin. And when she is done receiving pets? Stop touching her. She won’t bite but she likes to threaten to bite (I love this!), it is a sensitivity thing. She can only take so much touching. I can relate! Peach has great boundaries, she knows how to tell me to stop without calling me a jerk! 🙂 Actually she is quite polite.

Sometimes Peach challenges me to chase her. I love this too. She likes to feel startled. Her tail goes bottle brush, she forms a Mohawk, and then she becomes sensitive and needs reassurance. 

See? Lots of personality.

Another thing about Peach? She shares well. She loves David in special ways. When he picks her up, he wraps his arms around her body. She gets a smug look and settles downward!!

I am so happy that we adopted Peach. 


11 thoughts on “love in a cup

  1. Peach is the lucky one.

    So appreciate your observation that she “likes to feel startled.” It’s part of being a kitty. Which is interesting in light of horses. As prey animals they have the flight response. A god thing. As my horses’ leader my goal is for them to look to me when something seems scary. Just like Peaches who seeks that reassurance. Makes riding safer!


  2. She is a sweetheart, and you have given her a new life of comfort and, she is a really pretty girl!


  3. I am so happy the three of you found each other. Just when you think you can never love another, you cannot open your heart again, you find yourself head over heels in love with a feline. I think each pet that enters our lives, teaches us something special. The ability to open one’s heart again is first, but then there are the subtle things, like teaching that it is okay to have boundaries, to say no, I’ve had enough. When I look back at the fur-panions in my life, I can see now why they chose me. I needed them just as much as they needed me. They are a gift. Hugs to you all.


  4. Happy one-year anniversary! You are all so blessed to have each other. My boys were both rescues, and I think that makes having them in our lives even more special, knowing what they might have had to deal with before they were brought to us. May you have many more wonderful years with each other, always learning more…


  5. All my cats were rescues – 7 of them at one time. They all had their personalities, come real affectionate, some really aloof and some in between. My experience has been that my males were more affectionate than the females. I am now “catless” but am contemplating adopting two seniors but have to be certain that they will blend with my three legged greyhound, also a rescue.


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