David and I are on vacation. We have rented a house, on a lake, surrounded by woods and trees, we have packed our bags with great things to do and we brought the beautiful Peach.

We got meds for Peach, fearing she would get riddled with anxiety from travel. She did really well, was quiet and slept most of the way up here. Once here, she hid for 45 minutes before deciding, All Is Well.
As you can see, she has made herself at home, using my sewing machine as a warmer. She showed her fortitude, when I sat down and sewed quite a few rows on my latest quilt top. She was put off by this interruption for a minute, but then accepted it, as she is prone to do. Having her here with us is fabulous. I think I see many similar vacations in our futures.

I realize that I do not know how to relax all that well. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. If you would like to tell me what relaxing feels like, is like, or what relaxing means to you, please comment and let me know. I think for me, relaxing means there is an atmosphere of quiet to the things I do, the mental gears slow down and allow for…life to occur, without struggle or resistance.
Relaxing is having a beer on the deck with my Man, reading a book, having a cup of tea. Relaxing is also printing cloth, sewing a dress, making quilt tops. When I was growing up, my Pop exposed me to the idea of meditation, and as far as I am concerned, active meditation is the way to clear the mind and accept life on its own terms.

It feels so good to have the time and be able to connect with David in a relaxing atmosphere. David brought his guitar and some recording devices. I brought materials to make a dress and cloth to play around with piecing. I am getting so much done! I completed the back and basted one quilt top. I am working on another quilt top. And I am making a dress, designing pockets, making sure the fit is correct.

I love sewing clothing. It is a challenge, don’t get me wrong, but I love it. I started off sewing clothing, so I guess I feel a connection to self and past when I sew clothing.
It is almost time to get back to it!

But not before I show you some zigzags. This makes me happy. I am stash busting, using cloth I printed, the graphic nature of the half square triangles in this pattern is very pleasing. I am already day dreaming what the back will look like. I think perhaps large triangles in the 1000 Pyramids layout. I am very excited about piecing and quilting! I forgot how much fun it is and now I foresee a stack of throws in my future.

4 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. BEEEE-U-TI-FULL! Love the stash busting throw. Just gorgeous with your hand printed fabrics. So glad you are able to have some relaxing time. Glad that you and David and Peach get some great time together and having someone playing the guitar while relaxing sounds just perfect to me! Enjoy!


  2. There is nothing better than being away from home in the quiet woods, especially with your best friend and best feline. I love the zig zag. It highlights your printed cloth very nicely. Speaking of highlight, Ms. Peach is so adorable on her regal perch. Have fun, relax, and enjoy your quiet time together. xoxo


  3. A relaxing day for me is working on several projects… a little bit on a big one, and some work on much smaller ones. Taking a lot of time out for my husband and to admire my cats, Rosie and Magnum Opus, and to play with them. Taking time out to admire the nature around my house. Not worrying about deadlines. Some time to socialize with a friend.


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