A little of this, some of that.

I have been happily printing away over here. I am now even piecing a simple quite made of the printed samples like you see above. I adore printing in repeat, creating repeats, seeing the pieces of cloth come to life. And now, they are becoming a quilt! I am simply sewing these squares together, photos will be forthcoming.

Peach is a complete wonder. We are learning to communicate. We love each other and the three of us, the Man, Peach and I are a happy family. We finally found Peach’s favorite food. She asks for three feeings a day when we feed her Wellness Select in the chicken flavors. She has put on a little bit of weight and I love her little plump.

I have been playing with the idea of commemorative cloth. I took an image of Repose, the one that inspired my 2007 entry into Quilt National, and made a mirror image of it without breasts, but with scars instead. I will be coloring this image soon. The ribbons that circle the image are as close as I will get to acknowledging ‘pink ribbon culture’. I despise the commercialization of breast cancer awareness, we have enough awareness, we need a cure. Beside which, there are other cancers that need a leg up.
But enough of that.
I am unsure weather I am commemorating my breasts or my lack of breasts. I do know that I want to offer beautiful imagery of non-reconstruction, of flatness, for flatties, I want to help normalize this decision for women around the world.
I daydream of having these bandanas printed and offered for sale to raise money for a pamphlet campaign. It was so tough to decided against reconstruction at my care facility that I daydream of having pamphlets in oncologist offices across the nation that show the beauty and viability of this simple option. These pamphlets would discuss how to go about talking with doctors, how to get beautiful results and offer support to women, so that if they choose to opt out, they know they are not alone.
For now though, if you have found my blog by searching bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction, check out the Flat and Fabulous group on facebook.

(P.S. You can click on the images to make them bigger.)

4 thoughts on “A little of this, some of that.

  1. Your printed cloth is amazing. It has the look of old copper plate printing. How you get the multiple layers and the effect of lightness is beyond me. I have to send you a snippet of cloth that was my Great Gram’s. It has that old world feel. Your commemorative cloth idea is fabulous!!! I could see the image being used for a variety of things. Prayer flags came to mind or tshirts used to raise funds for research. “Repose” is one of my favorites of your pieces. (Wandering in the Garden and Gentle are probably my favorites. But then there are the birdies. Oh Hell, you know what I mean! LOL!) Miss Peach is so beautiful. I have such a huge soft spot in my heart for orange kitties. They have a personality that is so unique. We feed our’s Wellness, too. We stumbled upon it when trying to find food for Nelson. Bobcat really likes the chicken and the beef flavors, Nels liked the seafood menu. I recently bought some “Pride by instinct” at the kitty store. It is now the new favorite. It is higher in fiber and moisture, which is what Bobcat needs. He loves it. I mean, LOVES it!!! He begs for seconds. We’ll see how long that lasts before he decides he doesn’t like it. It has a lot of flavors with funny names like Ritzy Rabbit and Daredevil’s Duck. 🙂 ( There is an abandoned Siamese hanging around. I think its owners moved and left him. Since Kitty eats so well inside, when she catches a shrew or mouse, she takes them to him once she has tortured them. Young love with a twist?) Have a fabulous rest of the week. xoxo


  2. I can’t wait to see your quilt!
    I agree about the other cancers. We’ve just lost two members in our quilt guild who were each given only a few months and were diagnosed quite suddenly. I’ve never been much of a fundraiser but I’ve been thinking and researching perhaps raffling off one of my wall art pieces.
    I think your idea for pamphlets is a good one.


  3. Your prints are fantastic! And I love what you are doing to help women have all the right questions to ask and know what there options are! The pamphlet idea is fantastic. It needs to come about! You are absolutely right – there is more than enough awareness about breast cancer and we really, really NEED a cure. However, perhaps a breast cancer awareness organization is who can help you get a pamphlet made and out there so that women will know about the choice of going flat!


  4. People are so shocked when I say that I don’t want reconstruction….but then they say, “How great!”. You have helped me a great deal in being strong about the decision I have made, and I thank you for that!

    I’m glad you are feeling better and are able to work. Hope you have a nice and peaceful recovery period.



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