Me and Him.

My good David and I went to Seattle for a few days, we rested, relaxed and enjoyed time together. You might imagine that being a care taker, being taken care of, surviving cancer treatments and moving into life after active treatment is quite a process and I can attest to that, it really is! Taking time to connect and enjoy one another is essential. 

Boy did we need this time together.

I don’t know that I have ever seen starfish that are as big as this. We stood about 20 feet above this starfish and I bet it was bigger than a dinner plate. I am not saying I would like to eat it though.

I am so happy to experience open air markets like Pike Place Market in the U.S.! All this hermetically sealed food in plastic wrap? Does it have to be this way? Gosh. When we were in Barcelona we explored a market where a butcher had a cutting block that had been hit so many times it was severely concave, it was impressive. I know. Germs. Phobia. But you know? We humans seem to stick around! 

Me and him at an ATM machine. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

This was a good vacation because it was just relaxed. We walked all over the city. We found ‘favorite ‘ spots and frequented them. We ate well. We enjoyed drinking wine. We talked, loved and were present to one another. What could be better?

We even stepped out of our comfort zone and ate meat! Andouille sausage sandwiches with sauerkraut , potato salad and a pickled pepper to be exact. It was just something we stumbled upon in Pioneer Square. It cost all of 10 bucks for two plates and it featured foods found in Pike Place Market. We don’t eat meat often but we are opportunistic! They placed gorgeous thick wooden tables and benches in a small park surrounded by brick building that must have been at least 100 years old. There were ball jars with wonderful flowers and happy eating people, come on! Try some meat! OK. And another local treat? Yum.

And I do like my 50 year old trinkets. I didn’t buy any of it because they thought so highly of it (price-wise, that is). But it was a vacation to be cherished and daydreamed about!

Last year at this same time, my hair was just growing back in and I was preparing to go to Switzerland to teach (you really should go to that link and watch the video Marlis created). This last year has been quite formative. Cancer, facing my own mortality, has changed me, not to mention my body. I have been quiet for all of the above reasons. I am returning and settling in to myself, I have been quite creative too, just not very verbal about it over the interwebs.

If you could hear me over here, you would hear a big sigh.

3 thoughts on “Me and Him.

  1. It makes me so happy that you loved my hometown. I am THRILLED that you and David got to rest, relax, and appreciate each other. You and he have been to Hell and back and special times together are to be treasured. My Saturdays were spent at the Farmer’s Market with work mates buying our groceries for the week. The veggies, fruits, and seafood were so fresh and the cheese shop across the street – oh my!!! They were bachelors and had never learned to cook. So, we would shop and then have lessons that evening at my house. Good food, friends, and wine. I quit eating meat when I moved away from my farmer relatives and the market. Pioneer Square was for payday weeks. Shopping, eating, browsing, watching. Is the Pilchuck Glass School still in the basement? After a Mariner’s or Seahawk’s game, we would browse and eat. Good times.
    To be comfortable in your body is a gift. To cherish and live each day is a lesson we all must learn, but I wish it didn’t have to be taught in such a dramatic way.
    Sighing with you in happiness. xoxo (A visit to the Oregon Coast would blow your mind! Tidepools with huge starfish, anenomes, sea critters all in full view. Your pocket quickly fill with treasures from the sea.;D)


  2. Your whole post makes me want to sigh as well and I’m in the happy position of being on the verge of a weeklong trip to the region where I was born. I’m actually looking forward to visiting a market too, because we don’t have those on the small island I live on either. I love where I live, but it’s enriching to change surroundings every now and then.
    I loved the atmosphere you brought across in this post that just oozes with contentment. Good to know you had such a good time and enjoyed each others company and the city of Seattle. Hope the mood stays with you for a long time.


  3. What a wonderful trip this must have been for you both! we’ve been to Pikes Place market several years ago… quite a place! And it sounds like you made full use of your days there taking in all the sights! Thanks for sharing your time with us!


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