The Twilight Zone

We were out and about today and we spotted this tool chest. As you might imagine, any use of the word chest is satisfactory to me, right now. Breast Pockets, Tool Chest, You get the idea. And it is so very red.

This is our newest throw. Made of silk saris sew together by women in India. I am sewing two together as a throw for David and I and a few friends. 

This is Tim’s throw.

This cloth is dreamy. I am in love with the feel. I want a pile of ten. They are just like Jelly Rolls. Just like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

I had potato chips this week! I forgot how much I love them. I had also had a great chinotto soda, Boy! is that soda a treat cold! I love good soda. 

This Sew-plies purse is coming around. The color in this photo is quite yellow. The picture below is a better representation of the actual color. But this one shows my first attempts at needle turn appliqué. I am not great at it but it interests me.

I am now designing the flap and backpack style straps. 


This week I have had computer troubles, all flukey type problems. My server keeps blocking my ip address because there is a device here on premises that is attempting to contact it in quick succession. So then I can’t access my web site or The Clever Guild, I call, they, ‘white list’ the problem and it clears for a few days.

I feel like if I touch an electronic device, it is going to act up, get buggy, break, stall, something! Earlier in the week I deleted my entire email account, no idea how I achieved that one. Then I couldn’t upload video content. It has been electronics intensive week!


So I have been trying to steer clear of the computer and limit my exposure while still getting what I need to acccomplished.

3 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone

  1. Where did you find the sari throws? (I said in a voice loud enough to be heard in Brooklyn!) Gorgeous, yummy, and I know it would feel delicious. Speaking of delicious, does the soda have an orange taste? I will look for it when we are in the big city. I had potato chips this week, too. Salty, crispy, nummers. The sew-plies bag is wonderful. I want to paint you eye-heart motif on my garden shed. I love the chest!!!!!! You can use it for so many things. I am always looking for old tool boxes and baskets that I can use to carry items as I move around the house. I decided yesterday that I wanted grandchildren. A little late in life to decide this! At an estate sale, I saw the cutest folding card table and chairs for kids. White frame and cherry red faux leather top and seats. If I could train the cats to sit on it, it would have come home with me. So sorry about the computer woes. Perhaps Rice can send your computer a voodoo doll or magic stick to cleanse the computer of all the bad juju?


  2. i’ve sent you and email re my book purchase…just to let you know in case you haven’t received it yet because of your puter problems…beautiful fabric throws!!


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