Officially Sew-plies Crazy


Yup! It’s official. I have jumped off the deep end. I don’t think anyone but me is quite so excited about my Sew-plies purse, but I am. So far I have made 6 of them, and I will be making even more. They have struck my funny bone and I can’t stop. I honestly want one for every outfit I can think up. I am sewing and embroidering one that is my, “Inspired to Quilt” version, right now. I just can’t stop. I was even over on ebay looking at 8mm release clips and considering purchasing 50 black and 50 multicolor because I like purchasing in bulk. I have gone crazy, right?

Marsha made one. Have you?

P.S. I am upgrading and improving the pattern now!

9 thoughts on “Officially Sew-plies Crazy

  1. Potato chip syndrome strikes again! What is the fabric in the chocolate bag? It looks like embossed leather and good enough to eat. I dug through the stash this weekend for candidates and found enough to make a family of sew-plies and then thought about a longer version for my walk supplies. Hmmm, perhaps one for in the garden? I went and bought a roll of tracing paper and duralar. C wondered, I replied that I was tired of running out of both. 😉


    1. Deb, the cusp spots totally took my fancy. They are bubbles, barnacles, growing things… I think they make themselves when you aren’t looking.


  2. Hi Melanie…..I love your bags!

    You asked how I made my strap…… I had a 4 foot length strip of bias fabric 2 inches wide(mine was precut and sewn in a longstrip by Terri Mangat who was selling the bias rolls at Houston in 2009).
    I simply folded and ironed the strip in half lengthwise to give a 1 inch wide strip. I opened up the fold and folded in both sides to meet at the center fold and ironed along both folds. I then re-folded and ironed along the center fold so that the long strip was now 4 layers of fabric thick, and 1/2 inch wide. I sewed 1/8 inch away from the double folded side, being careful to catch all 4 layers in the seam and then re-pressed to flatten it(the bias made it a bit stretchy!)
    I tucked the raw ends of the strip between the flap and the inside of the bag and sewed both the flap and the strap onto the bag at the same time. Very simple!!!!
    And yes I guess I am in a goose series. It started out in a class given by Jane LaFazio I think…


    1. Marsha your bag is beautiful, the beautiful shibori cloth you made is perfectly suited to the commercial print you used to line it. The strap is very neat looking and in keeping with the look of the bag. Nice job.


      1. Thanks Melanie….I still have to learn to “loosen it up” and not have everything so neat…. I am hoping your Boro class will help me!


      2. an explanation: I love your creative free-style and unfortunately my science background, working in a lab all day long inhibits my hidden creative side(at least what I hope is hidden inside me!)- creativity is very discouraged in a lab that works with strict Standard Operating Procedures where Quality Assurance is #1 …(yikes!!)


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