Oooh. New.

Working with Victoria a few weeks back really gave me some incite into play, release, and welcoming the new and different back into my work with cloth. Victoria probably didn’t need to do anything at all. But she sat me in front of her machine, using her tools, and asked me to just do. She asked me to embrace what would happen.  I came home from the play date and asked myself how I might apply these thoughts to my work and materials.

This approach feels very freeing. I feel like I am on to something. This is exciting because since I wrote Inspired to Quilt, I have gone vague. I don’t feel inspired. Not in the manner the book presents itself. And since I started surface designing cloth, I have made quite a bit of it. Yesterday, as I was sewing the mono printed silk gauze (the flower on the right above), I was thinking, ‘This is just what I need! I need to start going through my bins and using all of my own cloth!’  This idea feels right. Big sigh.

This small piece will be yet another Sew-plies purse. I wonder how many I make when I am finished making them.

Today I am off to teach at The City Quilter. The name of the class? Small Works, Big Impact.

8 thoughts on “Oooh. New.

  1. Very cool, welcome back to quilting! Inspired to Quilt has been an inspiration for me, it is one of the few books I return to again and again. And every time I do a French binding I think fondly of you! Have a great weekend.


  2. Do I spy poppies?!!! I love the sneek peeks at the cloth and seeing the graffiti and poppies (one of my favorite flowers). Sometimes someone else opens a door for us to fall through. As Connie said, Inspired to Quilt is one of those books that is my reference for inspiration, technique, and eye candy. Dreaming from the Journal Page has kind of usurped it, right now, but I still go back to it a lot. One of my goals is to use the organza overlay on a quilt. Stencil Magic and working with tracing paper has re-enforced this goal. Have fun inspiring your students today! I will be playing with paint, stencils, and cloth. xoxoxo


    1. Jeannie! Dreaming from the Journal Page has opened a wealth of possibility to me and is helping me see what to do with all my gear and goods from Inspired! Yeah! It is doing it’s job!!


  3. Oh dear, there are so many of your blog entries that I’ve missed since your blog stopped connecting to Blogger and Facebook. I still haven’t gotten round to figuring out the RSS feed thingy: I’m getting a little overwhelmed by all the workings of the Internet. And my own blog is crumbling as features that used to work well all of a sudden have stopped functioning. Very frustrating. Luckily, my summer vacation will start in two weeks time. I hope to get quite a few things sorted out after a few days of vegetating. Your poppy artwork is beautiful: I love the airy touch, the lightness.
    By the way, I bought a ruling pen on Friday and I’m looking forward to trying it on fabric soon. I’m beginning to see the potential.


  4. Hope you had a great time teaching! Your piece looks so beautiful in the bag. I thought it was the front of the bag at first. So glad you are able to feel so inspired! I really need to find my ruling pen. I can’t figure out what I did with it! My girls are headed off to camp tomorrow and I’d love to spend the whole week playing with surface design. Much easier to create when things are quiet around here. 😉


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