Almost every pattern

A few of you have said you would like to have a sew along, well? I think I have found a book (for myself). Remember you can sew anything you want along with us. If you want to tackle a Japanese Pattern, I bet it will be easier in a group, we could help each other decipher the directions. Cheryl, RooBeeDoo and Jeannie? Are you still in? It is fine to back out, no worries.

Me and my gal went into the city and bumbled around the Fashion District. I have never been to Mood, and oh, no. Yes. See? I just want at the knits and linen floor again. This pattern book has several pieces I would like to make and I see surface design possibilities everywhere. I wish I could read enough to figure out the publishers web site or find the authors blog.

And don’t forget to take my survey and enter your name to win a signed copy of my book.

I wonder what it would be like to go to the fashion district with the camcorder…

4 thoughts on “Almost every pattern

  1. Oh! Oh! I love that outfit on the cover, especially the jacket. It sounds like you had a fun outing. I love, love, love the fabric. Linen? I picked up a few small pieces of Japanese fabrics when I was on the wet side for Christmas and one of them looks a lot like the one you have pictured. I am in. I haven’t finished the stitching on my boro jacket, but that is a work in progress. Thanks for the eye candy!


  2. Take the camcorder, and if anyone asks, tell them you are doing a documentary about fashion design! BTW, I recently got a pattern for a real simple unlined jacket… bought rayon twill, and hope to do some wicked surface design on the fabric then make the jacket from it… just need to work my way through a huge tie-dye order then get ready for 2 craft shows and 2 or 3 classes I’m teaching this summer…whew! Think I’ll take a nap now… 😛


  3. I’m so jealous!!! I want to go to Mood!!! Unfortunately I live in Texas. How was it? I just completed your survery, but I’m not sure if you’ve already given away your books . . . fingers crossed!


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