Welcoming myself back!

Hand sewing, Rockstar Boro, Melanie Testa


Welcome to my new blog, it feels spiffy here! It has been one heck of a month. I moved my website to a new server, worked with Holly Knott to create the new structure and look, and here I am. My old blogging platform took a hit in the move, but it was so old and cantankerous that I don’t mind. I am happy enough to have an archive of the old blog to reference now and again, I doubt anyone but me would do this. What does all of this mean to you? Please update your RSS feed, if you use one. This new blog will be friendlier, will show its photos and play nice.

studio Melanie Testa

I have been on blog hiatus for a long time, the longest period since I started blogging, maybe eight years ago! It has been interesting to make things without talking about it. I see value in this, where I never had the chance to experience the difference. 

I am stretching my way out of having a frozen shoulder, so I am keeping oft used things up high above my head. When I need my pins, embroidery scissors, glasses and other small items, I need to stretch in order to grab these things. ‘Motion is lotion’ when it comes to frozen shoulders. This has not been the easiest problem to deal with, tissue stretches at a very slow rate and I may have 75% of my mobility back, so I have a bit more to work through. I never want to have this problem again.

Hand sewing, Rockstar Boro, Melanie Testa

I have been madly creative over here. I am making clothing, the Rockstar Boro (see I link-referenced my old blog already) project has spurred movement within me. Sewing, clothing, construction and reconstruction are going to be a focus for me in the world of fiber, cloth and art for the foreseeable future.

And now that  you are done reading my first WordPress blog post, why not go check out MelanieTesta.com!

18 thoughts on “Welcoming myself back!

  1. Melly- congratulations on your new website and lovely new blog. I’m especially intrigued to hear that you are exploring making art but not talking about it or showing it. An interesting path well worth meandering down in my opinion! I wonder why we so often link Making art with Showing art, as though these two very different and differently-motivated activities were conjoined twins. Hmmmm.


    1. Gwen, I definitely think there is a time to show art but there is also that gestational period when your form and projected outcome are being formed. There is a seed, a beginning in that portion of Making that is important and perhaps, private.


  2. Welcome back, sweet friend. As all have said before me, you have been missed! A sunny day and Melly’s blog – what a great way to start the weekend. Your new blog and website are a delight! I am glad your old blog is archived, because I do refer to it. Truth is, I missed you so much, I went and re-read most of it! LOL! Love the vignettes and the peek at your new boro project. The classes on your website have me excited, but you BOOK! is what I am really excited to get. Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend. xoxoxo


  3. Love this. Was looking for you just a day or so ago and now here you are. Yay! Your boro movement stirred the old ”clothing designer” in me. Thank you, as always for inspiration. Been loving dyeing fabrics and printing with your book inspired to quilt and look forward to the nextDreaming From the Journal Page: Transforming the Sketchbook to Art. I am pre ordering that and then a a Rick Riordan for my son. We will both be busy this summer. 😀


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