Rethinking the button.


So, Sheryl suggested a snap. This idea resonates, because a snap will take up less room inside the pouch. A small snap may be all that is needed. I can try it. For a week and see how it goes, at least right now, no buttonholes have been cut. If the snap is too small, I can change it. If a larger snap is needed, that is an easy fix. I do have an affection for large snaps. But snaps can be hard to open and I don’t want to place undue wear on the bag, so I will start off with a small snap.

Deborah suggested a magnet. I have used magnets specifically for purses, in one of my projects for Bernina. I don’t want my sewing supplies to fall out, so I am hesitant on this one. Perhaps if I go to the fashion district I can pick up a magnet suited to the task.