Clothing Construction=Love

I live in New York City where folks wear a good deal of black, it is almost a uniform, and a dull one if you ask me. I have made a conscious decision to wear printed blouses and clothing. I mean, I love cloth and color right? So I think it is high time I put my ‘money where my mouth is’.

This fabulous blouse was sent to me by a good friend and as soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell in love with it. It has a snap front, two small pockets, also with snaps, a great collar. But…it bloused out to accommodate ‘the girls’. At first I was disappointed, thinking, ‘It is too big, I won’t wear it, I love the cloth, maybe I will use it in something’. But then I remembered that I have skillz. Crazy mad skillz, (well not really, I don’t want to sew a lined silk suit-but you know, pumping yourself up for a new adventure is a good thing sometimes).

So, out came the seam ripper (that is a crazy mad seam ripper [ok, I have said that phrase enough already]), and I am in love with it, and I mean l-o-v-e love.


I opened the side seam and dart, I smashed the excess cloth from the dart up into the arm hole, I took about 4 inches of cloth out of the side seam. I removed the pockets in order to extend the pin tucks up into the collar (the termination of the pin tucks created about 3/4″ of poof on each side of the chest area), I reapplied the pockets and am wearing the blouse as I type. I have a few more blouses that need my attention. A few of them are quite colorful too! This is also really good because I don’t want to start shopping in the mens department just for the lack of shaping, I would rather have feminine prints that tickle my fancy and make me feel pretty, fun, excited.

Go ahead, brag on me, and tell me about your crazy mad skillz.

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  1. Jeannie says:

    Yea! I always approach clothing construction as a jigsaw puzzle that can have different pieces fitting together. My Gram sewed like a tailor. Nothing had that home-made look. She taught me that it was the details that elevated clothing. I don’t sew like I did in my teen years, but I know I have the skills if I desire to make something. Have you thought of putting in reverse darts? The ones used at the waist or back of a garment for a fitted look? I love pin tucks and they are a great way to eat up fabric. Have fun!!!

  2. Yikes that’s a seam ripper who should be named Jack! Because Jack is the ripper!!! Great job remembering your skills and putting them to work for yourself. I put mine to work for my children but not myself. It’s hard to pin something on yourself. Great job!

    One of my favorite sewing transformations was one I did for my youngest where I made a long dress knee length and used the excess to create sleeves and a back for the dress. I blogged it here:

  3. Can’t wait 4 ur drawing!!! Also postd ur link on my FB page. I am SO happy 2 see u. Truly. Hugs, bj

  4. Sheila B. says:

    I love remaking clothes into something actually wearable. I think of it as helping garments live up to their potential. I have plenty of “underachievers” currently waiting for my attention. Can you please post an “after” photo? I would love to see the rehabilitated blouse on! Enjoy your blog!