Quilty Box and Florabunda! by RJR Fabrics

I feel honored to be asked to curate the June 2018 Quilty Box. Quilty Box is a subscription service geared toward introducing quilters to new fabrics, tools, creative ideas and products. My Quilty Box will introduce you to the fabrics in Florabunda!, Mistyfuse, the Goddess Sheet and Aurifil Mako’ ne 12 weight cotton thread. ‘The above quilt which I call, ‘Be Mine’, has been made into a pattern for my Quilty Box. In addition, ‘On Point’, a pattern created specifically for Florabunda! is included (so you will get TWO patterns in my Quilty Box, a wall art pattern with everything needed to make it, and a bed quilt pattern). 

In creating this project and pattern, it was my hope to create a wall art piece that played up the central floral motif in Florabunda!, the Blowsy Rose. I wanted the piece to be playful, bold and graphic. I hoped it would have a graffiti like appeal. And honestly, I hope young folk might be attracted to making this as a gateway into the passion of sewing and quilting. If you know of a young person who might Love this Quilty Box, please order one today!

Why did I place these items in my Quilty Box?

Misty fuse is an extremely lightweight fusible or glue that allows you to bond fabrics together by way of ironing. Mistyfuse paves the way for raw edge appliqué. This is a technique every quilter should have at the ready. (Jamie Fingal used raw edge appliqué in Hexi Spring, her Florabunda! Blog Hop contribution.) 

The Goddess Sheet is a silicone ironing cloth that assists quite well in the use of Mistyfuse. They sell these sheets in many sizes, one big enough to cover an ironing board! (I don’t yet own the largest one, but I want to!) The silicone sheet will protect your iron from the fusible. My preferred size is the 21×27″ Fat Goddess size, though I own the Goddess Sheet, Big Goddess Sheet too. 🙂

Aurifil Mako’ne 12 weight cotton is a gorgeous, heavy weight thread with great sheen. It sews wonderfully both by hand and machine. Most of my hand printed quilts are machine quilted using this thread. I love it.

This is ‘On Point’, a pattern that utilizes Florabunda! so nicely and is included as a pattern in the June 2018 Quilty Box. 

Today I would like to GIVEAWAY a June 2018, Melly curated, Quilty Box as part of the Florabunda! Blog Hop Celebration. Please comment on this post, which I will leave open until July 1. And, while you are at it, check out these fabulous artists and their contributions the Blog Hop.

June 7–Tiffany Hayes
June 9–Sara Mika
June 10–Lyric Kinard
June 11–Kathy York
June 11–Teri Lucas
June 13—Tiffany Hayes
June 13–Jamie Fingal
June 14–Debby Brown
June 14–Heidi Kelly
June 15– David Gilleland
June 15—Melanie Testa <— Here!
June 16–Melanie Testa <— Here!










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  1. Annika Lund says

    I would love to win your Quilty Box! <3

  2. Anne-Marie Binet says

    I love your fabric! I would be very very happy to win the Quilty Box! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Linda Morgan says

    I would love to try out your kit. It looks like hours of fun!

  4. What a beautiful Quilty Box!

  5. Love this fabric line. You certainly thought long and hard about which delightful items to include in your box.

  6. Your On Point quilt is gorgeous!! So simple, so elegant.

  7. Carol Nelms says

    Very pretty! Thanks for the great giveaway

  8. Susan Spiers says

    So pretty! Wonderful giveaway-thank you!

  9. I’ve been wanting to give applique a try, and it looks like this box would be a great introduction. Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Lisa Marie says

    That quilt from the “On Point” pattern looks so beautiful and the “Be Mine” quilt is fantastic! Thanks for sharing these lovely projects and for the chance in the giveaway.

  11. Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau says

    I would love to win your wonderful Quilty Box! I love your fabrics!

  12. Robin Gelum says

    Awesome Giveaway! Be still my heart! 💕 Many Thanks!
    Sure would be fun to win! 😍

  13. Amy Caldwell says

    Would love to win my 1st ever quilty box!!! Sew much inspiration!!

  14. Your fabric can take on so many different personalities! From a graffiti rose to a more traditional quilt, it just shines through with both. I am over the moon happy for you! xo

  15. I would love to win your Quilty Box your florabunda fabric is beautiful.

  16. C. Barry says

    Lovely! Just lovely.

  17. I love your “Love” art piece, and everything else featured on this blog hop. Your fabric makes everything beautiful! I love the colors and the artful prints!

  18. Lori Lynn Parsons says

    Just lovely…it’d be awesome to win! Thanks for the chance 😊 Good luck to everyone 🍀

  19. Lorraine Emineth says

    What an awesome give…. I would love this

  20. Cindy Shelley says

    This Quilty Box is awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  21. Florabunda! bundle certainly has some pretty colors in it. I will be doing some applique on a quilt I am currently designing do will give Misty Fuse a try. I bought an iron cover at the Psducah quilt show a coupla years ago but cannot find it after a recent move. It worked ti keep fusibles off my iron. Darn move.

  22. Sue Rostron says

    Would love to win.

  23. Beautiful, I’d love to win!

  24. Heather Sanders says

    I’d love to win one of these boxes!

  25. Karen Ripley says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful and beautiful products.

  26. Carole Eaton says

    I am very struck with the colours of your fabric design. Would love to win and try out the products

  27. I would love to have the box! Debora Bouschert has made such lovely art quilts usong your fabric line.

  28. Tonya Baccus says

    Oh I would love to win a box. Love the fabric!

  29. I don’t see my comment so I will try again. I love the quilt on point. Great colors with wonderful cornerstones. Of course a box would be great to win.

  30. Wow! Amazing fabric! I love your designs.

  31. Diane Beavers says

    Thank you! What some miraculous products, Misty Fuse and the Goddess Sheet sound like dreams come true for us fiber artists:) Anxious to try both.

  32. How pretty! Love this fabric.

  33. Elizabeth says

    I love the fabric it to so pretty!

  34. What a fantabulous quilt box!! Love love love!!!

  35. Kristine says

    Beautiful collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Linda Morgan says

    What a lovely quilty box. I would love to win it!♡♡

  37. Beautiful collection!

  38. Phylis anderson says

    I took my Floribunda sample pack from Craft Napa to my local quilt shop yesterday. The owner liked it and photographed the info on the band. Now let’s hope she orders it! I suggested she order Hopscotch too.

  39. Geneen Granger says

    Wow, it sure would be great to win your quilty box!! I really want to start quilting again!

  40. Tonya Baccus says

    I would love to win the guilty the colors or amazing!

  41. Holly McLean says

    You’ve put some good things in there! I like the goddess sheet and your fabric is so pretty.

  42. Karen R. says

    Love, love, love Floribunda and your work. Would love to win the Quilty box too!

  43. Robin Shilman says

    Wow what a fun giveaway and thank you for the opportunity

  44. I love your stories and this fabric!! I’d love to win!

  45. Great fabrics and I love misty fuse too! Awesome box of goodies!

  46. Cindy Cooksey says

    I love the examples I have seen using the Floribund fabrics. I bought a fat quarter of one design at Quilt Bee in Orange Ca. A Quilty Box sounds like fun!

  47. Joy Dickson says

    What a cool Quilty Box. Love your quilt.

  48. Kay Carr says

    Would love to try a quity box.

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  52. Chandra Cox says

    I would love a box as I am so in love with your new line Florabunda!! Thank you, Melanie!!

  53. Linda Cartwright says

    I love your pattern and fabric.

  54. Arturo Garza says

    Wish me luck. I would really love love love to win your box. Thanks for the beautiful art work.

  55. QuiltyBox is the best! Your “On Point” is so beautiful. I would love to have this box so I can continue to learn these techniques. #SoHappyToBeAQuilter

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  57. Victoria Rose says

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  58. Janet Wojcik says

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  59. Jeannette Driscoll says

    Please “Be Mine” winner of this Quilty Box -I would gift to my daughter.

  60. Claudia Wade says

    Mellie- I have subscribed to Quilty Box off and on. I am currently ‘off’ but I should have paid closer attention. If I’d known you were curating the June box I would definitely have re-subscribed. The contents look FLAMAZING. I would love to win the one you’re giving away!

  61. Just a gorgeous array of colors in this collection! Loved your photography story too about the little girl! I’m sure she will remember it! We all remember what sparks that creative energy within. Thanks for the fun giveaway!