Kitting, playfully. A secret revealed.


I have a secret to start talking about!

I am working to release a line of stamps, stencils and Thermofax screens, all designed to coordinate and print interactively with one another (of course each tool can be used on its own too, which when you think of it-exponentially helps to print a huge and varied stash).

As a kit.

In support of the release of Playful Fabric Printing


I will debut these kits at Craft Napa. And boy am I excited to be going there! The people! The classes! The food choices! OMG, the food.

I can honestly say, I am really excited to begin showing -you- the possibilities tucked into the awesomeness that is Playful Fabric Printing


I am working on the release date for my upcoming stencil line now. I believe this will be in February. My stencil line is with a well loved and respected stencil maker in our community! Stay tuned!

At the same time, I am working to manufacture clear plastic stamps and I plan to release these kits to you, good reader, at that same time. This has been a huge leap of faith for me. I have never ‘manufactured’ anything before. I am happy to say, I am employing Americans to bring you these items. I am crossing my fingers that you see the value in them!


The thing I am most excited about? For a limited time, each kit will contain a hand printed fat sixteenth, printed by me! A Melly Print! I believe it is important for you to have an example of the possibility contained in the tools I am offering.

Through the years of working as an artist, whose primary media is Procion MX dye, I am amazed at what Carol Soderlund and I have created in Playful Fabric Printing. It is my hope, that in offering coordinated stamp, stencil and Thermofax kits, it will jumpstart your love of the dye application, and provide you the opportunity to learn about motif making and repeat design, through a backdoor approach. 

More to come on this topic.

In April, I will be teaching at Focus on Fiber. I am excited about the possibility of using these kits in the classroom because I believe it will free us to experience dye tendencies and its interaction with the tools we use to print it. We will discuss motif making and make some tools of our own too! Of course! 


It’s all a playful plan to get you printing along with us! 

I am working feverishly to complete the kits, gather the items, print cloth and create the packaging, I will address the cost of the kits and how you might obtain one of your own in the coming weeks. Please let me know if you are interested by posting a comment. 🙂

Thank you.

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  1. http://Rachel%20Parris says

    Looks like great fun!

  2. http://Sam%20Ray says

    ((Throws $$ at Melanie)) Awesomeness Possum!!!! 🙂

  3. I would be super-interested!!!!!

  4. http://natasha says

    Oh, wow! What fun!

  5. http://Jeannie says

    Interested? Hell, my heart started palpitating and I had a hot flash. This is so exciting, Melly!!! Christmas presents are done and shipped, digging out the studio is next, so that all is ready for PFP when it arrives. I even ordered new specs that I had been putting off so I would have a dedicated pair for the studio. This is a fantastic idea! So exciting!!!!

  6. http://Midge says

    So cool Melanie!! Big accomplishment!!’ Best of luck and success!!!

  7. Yes! How fun can’t wait to see it all!!

  8. Love this, much success.

  9. http://Peggy%20McDevitt says

    This looks fantastic

  10. http://naomi says

    Yay – fun with dyeing – I love this!

  11. http://Libby%20Williamson says

    So cool. I can’t wait see them (and YOU) in Napa!

  12. Yes, interested!!

  13. http://Rebecca%20Pine says

    This looks great! Fantastic work!! Just preordered your book : )

  14. Yes, I’m interested! I’ve been printing with fabric paint and am eager to branch out into dye in a low tech, small scale, limited space way (I aspire to live in a tiny house).

  15. http://Mary%20Ellen%20Gale says

    Definitely interested, dear Melly. Haven’t preordered your book since I intend to get one in Napa. Z35d