So this is a whole new dealio. 

I have taken my printing out and about, I am becoming The Free Range Textile Printer in NYC.

In our upcoming book, Carol Soderlund and I contend that all you need to possess in order to begin printing your own fabrics, is a bucket and a card table! And, well? I am here to tell you, you don’t need the card table!! Wooho!!!

You do need access to water.  But most major parks in NYC have a bathroom! 

See? Easy!!!

This is a fun short post, I will happily go into more detail about small space printing, if you re interested! If so, leave a comment.

I really don’t want to go on about things that are uninteresting!!

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  1. I’m interested in a detail post about #freerangetextileprinter! You have peaked my interest for more information. Thank you!

  2. http://Jeannie says

    I love it!!! Did you draw the Bumblebee? I am interested in small space printing. I always printed during the summer outside because I didn’t have a good space that wasn’t used for food prep. Now I have a space. I don’t have a running water source, but I use buckets that are stored outside with lids (until they freeze). How to keep your print space tidy and avoid spills? How do you handle the fabric after it is printed? I have a heated space, but not a lot of room to lay out wet cloth. Oh to be in the park printing with you. One day!!!

  3. I would like to hear details about the reactions of passers by.

  4. http://Libby%20Williamson says

    You are super-cool-fabuloso!!!!

  5. http://Marie%20Karnolt says

    Would love to hear all about it!

  6. http://Samantha says

    Melanie testa I dont think you could be ‘uninteresting’ if you tried 😉
    I admire your gumption,good word that,
    Samm x