Patchwork+Quilt Maker+Craft NAPA 2016 Blog Hop

It is so much fun to piece and use my hand printed cloth.

The nature of the printing process dictates that I print small pieces, fat sixteenths-I think, which is somewhere around 9×11″. I rip two yards at a time, and print all as quickly as possible. So when it comes time to begin piecing, I have many similarly colored squares, scraps really, all of which relate to one another color-wize.

But, they are small!


My attention span for cutting and piecing blocks is short. This ‘attribute’, if I could call it that, plays into my ‘quilt building skills’. These skills are reprehensible by anyone else’s standard!!

My bottom lines:

  1. It must lay flat
  2. Use as much of the handprinted cloth as possible, even if this dictates wonky cutting or piecing… ‘techniques’! (Yeah, that’s it!)
  3. My quilt, my rules. My friend Teri reminds me of this often and I like it. 


So I make blocks in batches, I might cut as many 3″ squares for Half Square Triangles as possible, given the tiny size of my scraps. I sew, iron, and join these together and then, maybe I will cut some 4″ squares for Half Square Triangles, in slightly different colors.

My process is willy nilly. And fun. My blocks never match up, or sometimes they do and I don’t care either way. I just build them out and keep on sewing! Because it is so much fun to do! I have been so deeply immersed in piecing, I am thinking deep thoughts. I like the term Quilt Maker. I am a Quilt Maker. I like this better than Quilter. What do you think? Do you think about this at all?


Here is a shout out to the wonderful CRAFT NAPA sponsors, BERNINA and Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers

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I am participating in a blog hop that starts today! Comment on every post and your name will go into a hopper with great incentives. I will post my contribution on the 5th and will be giving away a copy of Dreaming from the Journal Page! Below is a list of participants, and it all starts with Jane LaFazio.

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  1. http://Jeannie says

    Your fabrics make me happy. I think it is because your happiness is reflected in the cloth. I am going to try your approach. I am old school – points match, seams to one side, etc. Drives me nuts! And, it takes forever to piece a quilt. I am not one with my sewing machine and still prefer to and piece, but life is too short for that. Have fun creating! xoxo

  2. http://Juanita%20O. says

    I really like your idea of being called a Quilt Maker instead of a Quilter. I think it opens up a door of creativity and being free and not following rules. My kind of quilt making.

  3. Can’t wait to see your work in person at Craft Napa 2016

  4. http://Susan says

    I also like the idea of being a Quilt Maker vs. a Quilter. That sounds more like what we do, not just quilt an already done top. Good choice of words!

  5. I’m sooo excited about meeting you in person and being at Craft Napa! See you soon!

  6. http://Sandra%20Weimer says

    I have never made hand printed cloth, and I guess I am too structured! I like the idea of it though!

  7. http://MoeWest says

    Enjoying the process is the most important part of quilt making to me. You print the cloth too, so definitely a quilt maker!

  8. http://Claudia says

    I think as long as what we are sewing makes us happy, we are doing it right.

  9. http://Terri%20H says

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. http://Paula%20Blevins%20Scheidel says

    Love the originality of making ones own fabrics. Lends a whole new level to the quilt. I’m in total agreement Quilt Maker vs Quilter. Thanks for the blog. Full of fun ideas!

  11. http://Janice says

    ahh! got here!!!! Like your wonky prints!!!!

  12. http://Ellen%20Blakey says

    Look forward to meeting you in Napa. Seeing your work makes me want to loosen up and just try things! Thanks!

  13. http://Bea%20Savellano says

    I love the quilt in the link…bea

  14. Hoping I can get to Napa to try some fun new techniques!