Jacqui Holmes Calhoun on Meadowlark

Before Market, Windham Fabrics sent me two yards of each fabric in my line, Meadowlark. They asked if I might have a sewing bee in order to make samples. I agreed and after a call to Dale and Cathy, set up two consecutive Tuesdays at The City Quilter. Then I contacted the two guilds I am a member of, and asked if anyone was interested in helping out. Jacqui, the author of the following post was one of the people who showed up. Jacqui and I immediately hit it off and I am happy to say, we are already making plans to go to museum shows and to have lunch. 
Here are Jacqui’s words on working with Meadowlark…
Meadowlark Scrap
Hi everyone, and welcome to my guest post for Melanie Testa’s Meadowlark Blog Hop!
Jacqui Holmes Calhoun here —artist, quilter, book and papermaker.
It was great fun working with Melly’s  new line, Meadowlark. This  fabric is very painterly, with a block printing-on-paper quality that was fun to play with in fabric form. The patterns are full of  rich color and the whole line has an energetic vibe. 
Check out my “Four by Four” nine patch quilt I made. 
I used 2.5″ squares to make the pattern- in- pattern. 
Love the dots…and the birds….and the grid….
I’m seeing  a book cover in my future.
I love the 9 Patch block in all its many variations.
Did you know that the 9 times table is the only set that can be written
in reverse and upside down and always come out right?
From the top: Write down the right side #9 in descending (down) order…9,8,7,6, etc.until you get to 0.
 At the bottom next to 0 on  the left side write 9,8,7,6 etc. in Ascending order (up) and voyla! The 9 times table re-made as play!
For someone who is SO NOT a math person I  never forgot that game… and play I did with Melly’s Meadowlark stack. Oh, and then added a few more pieces for more fun. 
Speaking of adding….
If you add each line of the 9 times table it always adds up to 9!
  9,  18 (1+8=9),  27 (2+7=9),  36 (3+6=9)…..You get the idea,
so you see I just had to add those  purple dots. I couldn’t help myself.
To win your very own Meadowlark Stack of 10″ squares (10 is a great number too don’t you think?) just leave a comment by JUNE 10, 2014.
Melly is also giving away 3 copies of her fabulous book “Dreaming from the Journal Page”, for even more inspiration.
 One will be given away on her blog and 
the other two will be given away at the end of the Blog Hop. You have to leave a post to have a chance to win.

Melly – June 2 
Vivien Zepf – June 2 
Chrissie D – June 3 
Sue Bleiweiss – June 4  
Leslie Tucker Jenison  June 5 
Jamie Fingal – June 6 
Lyric Kinard – June 7 
Jen Eskridge – June 8 
Jacqui Holmes Calhoun – June 8  <——-Jacqui will be guest posting here!
Stephanie Forsyth – June 9 
Victoria Findlay Wolfe – June 10 
Teri Lucas – June 11 
Scott Hansen June 12
Helen Eckard – June 12 <——-Helen will be guest posting here!


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  1. Christina in Cleveland says

    The fabric is ah-mazing. I love the quirky colors (my favs)! Oh yes, I definitely see using these for some projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win some stash of this great line!!

  2. Julie Craven says

    Thanks for a chance to win these wonderful fabrics. Some times when I buy new fabric I want to throw them on the floor and just roll around in them. I haven’t really done that yet, but, if I were lucky enough to win this stash of great fabrics, I would, I’d send pics too. Have a great day

  3. Love the fabric which would be fun to play with.

  4. Love the line and the colors! Would love to win…

  5. These fabrics are beautiful! Thanks!

  6. I really like this collection! The prints are great. You did a great job on your quilt. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. It would be great to work with.

  7. Quilting Tangent says

    Different quilt pattern. 🙂

  8. Janet Wright says

    What fabulous fabrics. I can’t wait to visit a shop that have them. Maybe I will win some.

  9. Michele Timms says

    I love the mix of colours and prints in this line!!! It would be fun to play with this fabric, thanks for the chance!!

  10. gjeneve hopkinson says

    Definitely interesting and good use of the fabric.

  11. Allison Evrard says

    I love your nine patch. Beautiful fabric

  12. These fabrics are really cool, I love the strength they have. They make very striking pieces when sewn up.

  13. Love these fabrics. The inner sashing really make the quilt.

  14. Love the birds, dots, vines…the whole line. Great nine patch quilt.

  15. Denise Spillane says

    Love this fabric line. I have to have it! Beautiful. Also, 9patch is my favorite to play with. Yours is so fun, loved all the 9 math, I never learned that about adding the numbers! Fun. Btw, it is the only table I memorize sand still know! Fun with math!

  16. Beautiful fabrics and the colors are just perfect. The artistry is very energetic and graphic with a whimsy touch. Thanks.

  17. Such beautiful colors and designs! And I love the 9patch – what a neat idea!

  18. I love this quilt. Great colours!

  19. Love Melanie and love these fabrics! I hope I win!

  20. Love the fabrics ! Neat quilt ! Thank you.

  21. Love this quilt, and your formula. Definitely a handy thing to keep in mind. Especially if I win these beautiful fabrics!

  22. Lovely quilt. I love the small pieces, they really contrast well against the solids.

  23. Susan Dunne-Lederhaas says

    Wow! It just keeps getting better with each post from all of you participating! Gorgeous fabric line that lends itself into so many variations!

  24. Jacqui, your quilt is fabulous!!! The nine times tables were always my favorite because I always new that the right answer had to add up to 9. That saved my bacon on many math test. 🙂 Your quilt has all the qualities I love in good quilt design. It showcases the fabrics, it has an interesting sub pattern going on, and it is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing you quilt and for helping Melly get the gorgeous samples made for market. Cheers!

  25. barbara corbitt says

    i love your quilt, you did a really great job. i love this line of fabric. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  26. holly McLean says

    I love her fabrics! Any project would be great with them. I’d forgotten that about the nine times table. Fun facts!

  27. Anne-Marie Binet says

    I love the fabrics! Beautiful colors and patterns! Thanks for this opportunity to win! Never heard of the 9 table trick! Too bad my kids are passed school time!

  28. Pam Sherman says

    What a fun guest blog message! The 9 patch quilt is adorable!

  29. Laura Lea says

    Oh I see a table runner with my turquoise pitcher in the center of it full of flowers and a white milkglass piece with summer plums! Also I see a window curtain, each time I did the dishes it would be a delicious sight to see!

  30. Laura Lea says

    PS I can’t wait to see these in person and feel them. I know I will most likely not win, but I will be looking to buy these fabrics as I do see a table runner and curtain in my kitchen! Thanks for the blog hop. I’m enjoying seeing all of the talented people using these fabrics.

  31. Sandra W says

    I love the versatility of the 9 patch block!!! Thanks for sharing in this hop…this is such a beautiful fabric line!!

  32. Love the fabrics and love how they look in the quilt.
    I have seen the other pieces done with the fabrics and there is so much inspiration, would love to work the fabric into a project.


  33. Jane Howie says

    Love these quirky fabrics, they’re very cool! Thanks for the chance of winning some.

  34. Nicole Sender says

    I love this fabric! Your nine patch blocks are perfect for this fabric.

  35. Barbara Fox says

    This version of the nine patch really does lend itself to Melanie’s wonderful new fabrics. Love that each of you have supported Melanie and the revealing of her new fabric line. Great job!

  36. Great quilt Jacqui and good use of the fabrics.

  37. Kathy Heacock says

    I really like what you’ve done with the 9-patch! This fabric line’s color and contrast really lend pop to this version of the classic!

  38. This quilt is gorgeous, I would love to win!

  39. Thank you so much for this gorgeous giveaway!

  40. I love the nine patch quilt. The fabrics blend nicely, with that added pop of the dark purple at the centre.

  41. Love the 9-patch. This fabric is so versatile, so beautiful.

  42. Rhonda Davis says

    Loving the fabrics, the colors, the designs, the texture!! Plus all the inspiration included in this blog hop!!!

  43. Love love love Melly’s fabrics!

  44. Kristin McKee says

    Awesome little quilt and so much fun.

  45. Beautiful fabrics: I love the fruit on a purple background. And the tiles! I’ve never seen tiles on fabric before but I think they would look perfect as sashing or border fabric, continuing the mosaic idea.

  46. Love the quilt , I am a huge fan of nine patches!, and the fabrics are just FUN and isn’t that what quilting is all about? I would love to whip up a little quilt with the fabrics and yes I see a bit of fussy cutting would be necessary as I love birds on quilts….
    thanks! and good luck with the new fabric line and new book!

  47. Melly’s fabrics are gorgeous – especially the dots!
    I love your quilt – what size is it?

  48. Elizabeth says

    The fabrics look like SO much FUN. I would love to play with them and look forward to finding out more about the techniques used to create them. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Congratulations on your fabric line! It is so interesting and complex – I love it!

  50. Your nine patch quilt is so sweet! I think these fabrics are so interesting!

  51. I absolutely love your new line of fabrics and look forward to seeing more!

  52. Melanie, Your fabric is wonderful, 10 is the perfect number !

  53. I would love to win some of your fabric. It looks like so much fun!!

  54. Melanie’s fabrics will be a must have for me, I think they are just wonderful ! Thanks for a chance to win some!

  55. Christine Martinez says

    Great fabrics! I can’t wait to play with it. When is it coming out or when will it be in shops. Thanks.

  56. Julie in WA says

    Each post about these fabulous fabrics makes me love them even more. The nine patch block is my favorite because it is so versatile. The Meadowlark fabrics translate so well into this nine patch quilt!

  57. Margaret Schindler says

    I am really loving these fabrics. Love that quilt

  58. can’t wait to get my hands on Melanie’s fabric line.

  59. Yes, the nine-patch is a great go-to and very versatile pattern! But this fabric would shine in any quilt. Just love it! Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  60. kat scott says

    Love the look of your new fabric line! Would love to have some to play with.

  61. It’s amazing what great fabric can do for the classic ninepatch! Your quilt looks modern and arty and just awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Mary Ann Van Soest says

    I love the meadowlark line of fabric. Love the colors and would love to work with some of that fabric

  63. Linda Groman says


    You and your work are an inspiration. A testimony to life. As a 35 year breast canner survivor..i was 27 with a 5, 3 and 1 year old…I can assure you…it takes courage, faith, and a community of loving women surrounding you.
    You and your work have both. There is so much passion in what you’ve created! I love it! Please let me know how to order…can’t wait to sebe and touch your fabrics firsthand.

  64. Love this collection!

  65. Deborah M says

    LOVE these fabrics! Great work!

  66. I am loving this blog hop and all the creativity with these gorgeous fabrics!!!

  67. Loving your nine patch quilt. Another math fact about 9. When you find all the answers to the equations in the 9 tables, you can check your work by adding the 2 digits in the answer. They should all add up to 9. 1+8=9. 2+7=9. 3+6=9 …

  68. Sheila Moller says

    Wow…..such beautiful fabrics….they capture a painterly expressiveness.

  69. Love her fabric! Would be fun to play with. Would love to see her book too!!