This last weekend I took a trip out to Columbus, Ohio to teach at QSDS, and boy was it a great experience. I worked with women who were focused, ready to learn, open to new information, and each and every one of them made really good cloth. I found companionship in Denise and Susan, who are pictured in the video above. We ate meals together, took a walk, talked and bonded, one of my favorite parts about teaching. Christina and Tracy and I bonded over Becky’s bead table (The owner of St. Theresa’s Textile Trove, and a fellow teacher). We laughed so hard! I fell in love with all of them. I met so many new and great people. Like Diane Muse, who prints the logo’d tshirts for QSDS, I now own two and also bought a printed kitchen towel. I met up with other teachers like Elin Nobel and Rosalie Dace. I met  Bob Adams for the first time, a great man (I like his art a lot), who was traveling with his lovely wife. I feel blessed.

It was Ab Fab.

I enjoyed every minute of it and I am happy to be home too.

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  1. Very nice video Melly! Glad you were able to have a great time. It looks like your students did some wonderful work too!

    • http://Melanie says

      They sure did. Sometimes students will go into a group confusion about color or some other aspect of the lesson, this group was very focused and just plain ‘got it’. I love when this happens.

  2. http://Jeannie says

    The music alone put me in a good mood. 🙂 Love what your students created. I can see that Melly Magic cast its spell upon them and they left their self doubts at the door. Miss Peach looks like she is bored with the whole trip thing. LOL! Love the clip ons!!! It looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Elin Noble’s book is one of my favorites and Bob Smith’s art is amazing. Then Rosalie Dace – drool! I love love love her artwork. Yea you for having a fun filled weekend! Hugs

    • http://Melanie says

      Thanks Jeannie! I become a banshee, and I twirl and sing and cast a net of creativity, just like these other teachers mentioned.

  3. http://Iris says

    Oh Melly!! I love your videos! I’m so there with you when I watch your videos and this is not different. Looking at the journey, all the tools and all the creativity that came out of that class!! Wow!! That smile from ear to ear on your face is so well earned! You gave a class to remember forever I can see! And love your clip on too— sooo funny!

  4. http://Natalie%20Adams says

    Melanie, thanks for the nice words. I tried to get your email from you before we left but the two times I headed into your classroom you were sitting at your table with attentive students and I didn’t want to interrupt. We enjoyed meeting you and breaking bread together. Your work is awesome and your pretty great yourself. The pleasure was ours. Keep in touch. Bob and Natalie