Be prepared!

My studio reorganization is now complete. I went through every single box, prison  8-O, drawer, everything. Wow. I am impressed with myself! Over the weekend I am going to film an ‘interview’ of myself and my space and reveal all I have done. This upcoming post will have a giveaway of some Fuglies (defined as a Swear word+ Ugly, and used, in this case, to describe some cloth I no longer want but did dye, stamp, resist and otherwise embellish). The stack is about a foot tall. That post will also talk about a 4 week free class that I will be conducting next month. I would love for each and every one of you to join along in this, so please stay tuned.

On Wednesday when I tackled my fabric bins, I was nervous. I tried to tackle this last month and got totally overwhelmed and put all the bins back in their place. Somehow, in my mind, this part of the studio was a huge mess. It was not.

I like to make cloth per project, I purchase per project, I don’t maintain a stash by any definition that we could both agree upon and if we were to exchange stash, you would probably be bummed out. Me? I would be jazzed! I definately think I would be getting the better end of the deal. But still, I went through every bin and reorganized them according to color and type of cloth contained within the box. The great thing about this project is that I washed cloth that had been printed, worked and created. I found some real gems!

I will do a posts about the pieces I unearthed.

In the meantime, I took out a project I was working on prior to signing the contract for Dreaming From the Journal Page, The 20. If you would like to browse some posts about this project, click here. I will be using these pieces in addition to some of the cloth I unearthed in the upcoming free class. 

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  1. I would love to win some of your f + uglies! I’m staying tuned.

  2. wowzers can’t imagine anything you do would be even near fugly 🙂

  3. Hi again ,,,, love the name fugley !!!
    Make sure u tell anyone who gets
    Se of ur fabric ,,, to send u a pic !!!

  4. I want to tear into my studio after reading your organization posts! I do a thorough re-org about once a year and love the process. My best friend claims I enjoy it more than actually creating! I wouldn’t say that, but it does re-energize my creativity! My last re-org was a good one and the only thing I need to address now is the fabric stash because it has outgrown it’s space. Looking forward to your video tour!

  5. Can’t wait to see your video, Mel! Good job on the clean-up!!

  6. TAWANDA to you!! My 2 work tables are now completely cleaned off and ready for anything! ( OK gotta confess I did break out the beads last night at midnight and played a bit!) Thanks for the inspiration!!!I’m totally on a roll and the underneath storage of said tables is next…but first I gotta get this customer quilt done!!

  7. While I keep most of my work area clean and organized, I do have one large closet with less important items that I’m scared to tackle. You’ve amazed me in your thoroughness!
    I did wonder about those bird prints and what became of them. I thought they were lovely!

  8. I wondered what happened with that project! It will be fun to see all the beautiful birdies.

  9. I love the term “fuglies”! So descriptive! Of course, what one person thinks is fulgy, another thinks is a treasure. 🙂 I was also overwhelmed when I tackled the stash. Mine is over 40 years old and I have a husband who has never met a fabric he didn’t like. He loves to shop for fabric. I was surprised at how easy it was to let go of things I knew I would never use. I also had a place to send the fabric and she is over the moon happy. I know that she will do something with things that had been collecting creases and cat fur. I am glad to see the 20 out again. I saw a Towhee and a Yellow Rumped Warbler in the hedge today. Winter guests are arriving. 🙂 Looking forward to next month and creating with you. xo

  10. Not to discourage the others who would like some of your fuglies(as would I), I bet you could use them as linings in projects like your pretty purses or boro-bags….Looking forward to seeing more of your 20 birds, as well as info about your next class

  11. Cannot imagine that you could possibly make f…..uglies!