Melly’s Jelly

Jelly Rolls. Who knew? I for one am ignorant of these things. I rarely shop and I have come to understand that I am a quilter like I am a fish out of water. Yes, I quilt, but I don’t deal with 1/4″ seams, commercial fabrics or the latest new ‘thing’. 

So when I went over to Lisa Chin’s blog and watched a link to a woman ‘tutorialing’ (her word), Jelly Roll quilts, imagine my surprise in finding myself smitten with the idea. It helps that my Man and I will receive a new couch this week, I mean who wouldn’t want a pretty throw draped over a comfy couch? I am really taken by the blue in this line from Benartex. And I love the pattern on pattern effect. The color is somewhere between these two photos.

And the idea just snowballed.

I have to say, using an entire line of fabrics together sure does take the guesswork out of creating a palette. And when they say you can race to the finish and create a quilt top in no time flat? They mean it. This project made me want to do a Jelly Roll race! That sounds like super good fun, especially if I get a quilt top out of the whole deal.

Piecing the back may have taken longer than strip piecing the front! It isn’t complete yet, but it is really close and I started this on Sunday! Amazing. Thank you Lisa.

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  1. http://Jeannie says

    Hmmm, that looks like a plan to make some Christmas gifts! Of course, my couch binkie does need a new cover too. Thanks for the inspiration and link! Wishing you a great day. If all else fails, Whoopie Pies to the rescue.

  2. You are very welcome Melly! I LOVE the back you have pieced together. It is looking like this will be a reversible quilt. So beautiful!!! I like the idea of the metallic threads every once in a while. I’ve had varying levels of success with them. Bobbin stitching with them works best for me, plus I love that you can use the thicker metallic threads in the bobbin and they really show. Good luck!

  3. Looks great!!! Your an artist, you can make anything… art quilts or utilitarian quilts… 😉 now go snuggle with your man under that quilt! 😉

  4. There is something so FUN about whipping out one of these jellyroll quilts. I found that I really enjoyed it, too.
    I made my own jellyroll with my Go! cutter and my own fabric stash. Fun times!

  5. It must be in the air! I learned about it on Ravelry and I made one, too! So much fun!!