Gentle Re-entry

Quite a difficult week, I am glad it is behind me. I call to the regenerative power of Rabbit to heal and calm.

Brave, fiercely.

I have been conversing about cloth, it is a personal, ever growing and ongoing discussion, really. I have this ‘metallic’ white cotton, I bought it ten years ago, I don’t know its name. (Do you??) 

I am a total Mad Men Fan. And right now I have a crush in Michael Ginsberg‘s character.  Please repeat the above paragraph in Michael Ginsberg’s cadence and accent.


Use his gestures too.

See? I am revealing myself. 

ANYWAY. Back to the cloth!

I think the ‘metallic’ is plastic, I don’t know, it is a festive  cloth, whatever it’s content. I reverse basted some of the mettallic cotton cloth to the center front band of a tie front wrap. I love what the cloth has become.


if this cloth has plastic content, I would like to say! Way to make plastic magical, whoever designed this cloth! Thank you! It is somehow, really magical.

I wish I had a selvedges that would tell me more about these different pieces and parts. I remember taking a steam iron to them early on and watching them shrink in front of my eyes, by inches! I knew it would happen and did it on purpose, so that I would get used to the eventual look, not the newly-bought look.

You know?

The graffiti Pockets are coming along! You can only see a bottom corner up center, top. I like what is happening with this set of pockets, but progress is slow. Stitch as color is infiltrating my thought process. Stitch as painting. Stitch as communication.

Either way, I am interested in stitch, clothing, cloth and what each of these ‘ideas’ brings to a garment.

A Brooklyn day plus reconstruction!

Oh my goodness have I been having fun making stuff. I am exploring the concept of deconstructing, reconstructing and constructing. When we reconstruct our bodies after breast cancer, we can have procedures where you move fat from one part of the body to another, you can cut a flap of muscle and rearrange it, who knew? Flaps. Moving. Buttons. Pockets. Closures. My idea of cloth, clothing, textiles and medical procedure lingo are colliding. Clothing has become my canvas.

I am sewing wherever I go. Seen here with my Gather your Sew-plies purse in action. You can also see my Boro Bag/Hip Bag. I am preparing a new classes centered around embroidery and bag making. We will dye our own threads and use the inspiration around us to embroider our stories, circumstance, and daily lives on cloth.

I am designing a new hip bag, one that can be worn  along with the Sew-plies Purse and will hold a small project-I have to enable this creative tangent. It is a tangent. Graffitti is a tangent, don’t you think? So why not embroider in a graffiti like fashion all over my clothing. Soon, I won’t be wearing a backpack at all, I will have small art bags, holding my sewing essentials, strapped to my body.

I don’t think these two bags really go together, but they are helping me to define a criteria for the next bag.

Lady Liberty. I love me some her. What a beautiful female symbol she is. In the middle of our harbor. A gentle womanly soul, hand held high.

Yup, I like her.

I spied a stencil and David snappend a photo of Mr. T? Who is that? 

Boy did I walk alot yesterday. I met up with my good friend Erin, and we wandered. We sat at the promenade and talked. We looked at the skyline, we shot the breeze. Then I met up with David and we walked down to the beach in Red Hook. I sat and sewed in front of Lady Liberty. David took photos of his shoe laces and asked me to use one of the images, perhaps just the shape as a motif.

How could a girl resist?

We got Limonata, too. That is my sinful indulgence right now. I love them. They are tart. Almost freeze them, and drink straight from the can.

On our way home, David and I stopped at Union Max. And NABBED two printed blouses. But look at that collar, my goodness. I have already deconstructed it,

changed the collar to peter pan styling, reattached it. And just because I was there, removed the bust darts.

By the way, this shirt is printed gaberdine. When I was growing up, I remember people talking about gaberdine, it was very exciting at the time. Do you have memories about cloth like this?

The Over Achiever + Gone Fishin’

OK wait, The above photo shows the ‘Cuff Before’ photograph. Now onto the back story.

 You haven’t fully met this shirt yet, but you aren’t going to meet it now either. Not fully anyway, just enough so that you can get up to speed in my creative life. You see, it is crazy at Casa Melly. I am preparing for QBL, relaxing some before a full week of teaching, I am wearing this blouse right now and I don’t want to take it off, photograph it and start over. So there you have it. You get to meet this shirt in the middle instead of at the beginning.

This shirt is an over achiever. Basically Mod-oDoc, the company who made it, wanted this shirt to have all the bells and whistles it possibly could. So it has cargo like pockets, side pockets at the waist, extra wide cuffs, a collar and collar stand, a double button placket, tabs with buttons so you can roll up the sleeves and button them in place. That is a lot of stuff to be going on in one shirt. I think this is their version of cruise-wear and I am making changes on it left and right.

Oh! It also used to have flaps to close the two cargo pockets at the chest, I forgot to mention that because they were first thing to come off.

So: I halfed the cuffs. Doesn’t it look better being short and tidy? This fabric is very soft, does anyone know the name of it? It is almost like heirloom stitched needle hole embroidery.

removed the collar but left the collar stand.

And I am using a multicolor stencil to embroider a rose design up over the right breast pockets, around the back yoke, and perhaps a few sprigs draping down the left shoulder seam, I don’t know yet.

So, I will be scarce for a week. I will be teaching at QBL. I am teaching at The Clever Guild and I will not be updating this blog. I will be having fun and I will take photos so that I can share what I am up to when I return. 

I took this photo before removing the collar.

I am officially, Gone Fishin’