Yarn Bag and Project

Dear Person-Who-Lost-Your-Grocery-Store-Stuff- Sack-Purse. I found it. It took my fancy and I am using it. I feel badly for you. I am sorry if you are looking for it. I wanted to do a post on Facebook: I have taken to stealing. Because it is true. 

And I continue to move labels around and misrepresent items in my possession. 


Who doesn’t need a Knitters Ruck Sack? This bag will be a regular ‘wear’ over our jaunt to Seattle. It has two neat coils of Malabrigo sock yarn in aguas color. I am making Boardwalk.

At which time, I want to knit this. I need both sweaters and this one will need to be made out of Jared’s line. I tried both sweaters on while visiting Purl in Soho. I need both!

I am determined to have this sweater complete and worn in one months time. OK? Do you hear me? I am verbalizing a commitment to self, publicly. I want that sweater. I would love to fall in love with a ‘look’ and to create a few choices pieces to flesh out that look. I am a textile artist. I print cloth, I have a great stash, it is time to start making things! Fixing and updating vintage blouses? Yup, got that too. I am hoping this sweater will look cute over printed button up shirts (like this one, oh my! That one needs some green to tame it!).

I am on a mission to dress creatively!

My Man and I are off to a much needed vacation! Seattle here we come.

Project bag?

My Man and I are planning a trip to Seattle next week and I need soft, easy to carry, project bags. In fact, I care more about packing my projects than I do clothing! This bag is made of cotton kimono scrap and is lined in cotton kimono cloth. It is not as ‘sturdy’ as the ‘market bag’ I made earlier in the week. But it is basically the same design. Perhaps it needs some boro stitching and patching, which would give the cloth more body.

I do like the strap tab detail at the lower left. 

I think it is kind of funny. I have had this ability since I was a child. I could not for the life of me, figure out how to sew the straps into the bag while I was lining it. This bag also cinches shut with the weight of what it carries and the strap emerges from a button hole middle top sack. The strap and buttonhole just mussed up my ability to think! So I stopped, got my book, went into the other room. Read for a while. Closed my eyes and saw it! So I hopped up and finished sewing the sack.

My friend Cricket can’t see pictures in her head, I can, can you? It would bum me out not to be able to see things in my minds’ eye.


Oh Gosh. Does this mean that each of my Sew-plies purses needs its own project bag? I think that is going a bit too far.