Year of YES!

The Avant Gardener

This has been an amazing year. After loosing the book contract I realized my world had become very small. I assessed what I might like out of life. I began looking around and questioning what it could mean to be an artist in NYC. I told myself to start saying yes. I had misgivings, it can be scary to say yes, to do things, to meet new people. 

Having been diagnosed with cancer has allowed me to open a dialog of what it can mean to be female and to be breastless, in a breast obsessed society. It has allowed me to begin talking about body love, confidence, a strong sense of self, and body positivity.

We have just one body in a lifetime. Some of us are diagnosed with a body altering disease, or we get into an accident, fall into gaining too much weight for our own liking, or any number of other particulars. Whatever that is for each of us, we each have a battle to face.

What I have discovered over these last few years, and this year in particular is, it is all OK. This is a reflection of being human, having a body and, hopefully, learning to love it, no matter what.

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year that I would have been asked to travel to Berlin for a fabulous photoshoot with Esther Hasse and Uta Melle or take part in a music video called The Avant Gardener with Lindsay Katt.

Who would have thought that saying, ‘Yes!’, could be so much fun?

I hope you too might say a few, ‘Yes’s!’. Love your body, put down the worry, whoa and anxiety. When asked, try saying yes more often. You never know where it might lead! You too, might get to dress up as a genderless faerie and make a dream come true!

Life is so good!