Dragon Lair.


Let us take a moment. Above. You see a 13″ MacBook Pro, custom. Wealth. 

I am wealthy. And wealthy beyond measure, because…

Now, I can go mobil. To my favorite coffee shop. And you know what? I need to get out! I know how to work, head down, for hours, which has the tendency to turn into days, and… I find myself in pajamas for days on end. I love my pjs, don’t get me wrong, but. You get what I am saying.

David and I bought new computers this year. I am moving in! And moving on! Literally. Yahoo!

Watch out!

So anyway, my new Mac Book Pro 13″needed a tight fitting, Melly Made case!


I am on a mission to learn to use the cloth I am printing. I have criteria, or maybe I should say, I am forming opinions, on how I want to use my cloth. I am focused on motif, color, ease of creation. I like to think about using my cloth with ingenuity and sometimes, striking differences in color and texture. I want the cloth to be the focus and not the quilt block design. Motif as communication device. Motif as story telling. 

So I made this MacBook Pro 13″ carry case! I am quilt savvy that way! You see, we already owned a zippered, padded case for David’s old 13″ MacBook, but they keep making these dang things smaller and smaller, so my new computer needed padding to kit out the zippered case. I made this as tight fitting as I was able. I actually like it better than the zippered case, but computers need packaging when in transit, and a snug fitting transit is better than loose. And now, I have a creative case using my own printed fabrics. Tada! I like being able to make do.

Now, I can easily travel, update my blog, write (hopefully) my next book and I do not need to be plugged into my desk and tiny apartment. I can get out. 

Oh and? The dangly eyeglass necklace? Do any of you wear and/or make these??? And if so, do you have a favorite finding to attach the glasses to the necklace? Please leave a link in the comments! I am interested in your opinions on this. I am going into the fashion district on Monday…

Findings Field Trip!