Out and about while binding a quilt

When I was a child, one of my favorite books was called, We Were Tired of Living in A House. Much like it sounds, the children in the family, packed their bags and headed out to make house in a tree, on the beach and so on. Ever in my life as an artist has this concept been of great favor. I do everything in my power to Gather my Sew-plies, or bucket as the case may be, and hit the town. 

And today, I must complete a quilt slated for a magazine article. 😜

What better way to drink a bit too much coffee and get out of the apartment, than this.

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  1. http://Jeannie says

    I love that you have places like your coffee shop where you can stitch and enjoy the world around you. The closest thing I have to that is Starbucks, which is always packed. So, I take my coffee and hit the park, even if it means I have to sit in the car because of the weather. Have a beautiful day! xoxo