Breastless Beauty 1

Breastless Beauty 1

Breastless Beauty 1
Printed Cotton and Silk Organza, Procion MX dye, Batting, Machine and Hand Stitch


This piece is being stitched and embroidered now, meaning it is as yet, unfinished. Expect weekly photographic updates to this gallery page and follow Melly’s blog to watch the work become complete.

These pieces are meant to be framed, none are completely square, and when flipped over to view the back, batting can be seen. Un-stitched (either by hand or machine), these pieces are priced at 125$, embroidered and stitched 200$, plus shipping. If you see an un-embroidered piece, selling for 125$, and you would like it embroidered, leave a comment in PayPal and allow 2-4 additional weeks after purchase for the completion of your artwork. You will receive a payment request from Melanie for the additional embroidery work, just prior to shipping.

 If you do not live in the United States please contact Melanie prior to purchase for a shipping quote to your address.


Melanie will keep you informed about your purchase throughout the process.

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